2021 Participants – ACM – Alys


Surrey 2021


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Alys will be representing the Academy of Contemporary Music in the 2021 Univision Song Contest.

Extravagant dance pop artist Alys projects empowerment through her bold lyrics and powerful vocal performances, with the intention to uplift and give confidence to every listener. Originally born in England, Alys moved to The Netherlands when she was seven years old, where she found her passion for writing and performing music. After growing up in Holland for nine years, Alys moved back to England to pursue her greatly inspired music career. 

After building an audience of over 70k on TikTok, Alys is diving straight on to the scene with her shameless and attitude filled debut single ‘Stalker’, where she explores the idea of not being able to let go of a relationship and therefore feeling “like a stalker”. With carefully crafted, modern production and percussive vocal lines, ‘Stalker’ draws inspiration from the likes of Major Lazer and Dua Lipa. Bringing the party to your ears, this track is guaranteed to get you on your feet. 7th May 2021.

Alys is a high class, glamorous, empowered woman and as a self proclaimed diva, she brings all of the sass with her in everything she does.